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And, then on the very first trading day of 2009, my life changed forever.  I was leading my Monday morning team meeting trying to encourage everyone to put 2008 aside and focus on the future.  I was interrupted by my boss’ Assistant who handed me a slip of paper. “Tom would like to see you in his office.” I paused, bewildered and asked, “Now?  Or when this meeting is over?”


You see, as Co-Head of Investments, I thought I was on the inside making the god awful decisions about who’s life to change by ‘letting them go.’  In one instant, it became very apparent that I was on the OUTSIDE as I got tapped on the shoulder and “relieved” of my duties.  I could not believe it.  Eight years – eight amazing years of traveling the world, learning daily, leading incredible people on an amazing team and journey.  I was the fourth employee at a small fund of $100 million and helped grow it to $4 billion with 50 employees.  And, the very next minute, I was escorted out the door with barely a stop at my desk to gather personal effects and say goodbye to comrades.  I was in shock.

I was forced to reinvent myself.  And haven’t stopped since.  I am an eternal optimist, always believing that the best is yet to come, a perpetual student that consistently embraces risk.  I am the Founder of Brilliant Transportation Ltd., Short Term Rental University, and LifeZaver Software LLC.

I love to ski, travel, spend time with my three amazing daughters, fitness, and feast on life.  I live by the motto of #OneLife

I hope to amuse, inspire and encourage you as you watch my journey unfold in real time



From a diverse multicultural background to a self made Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Innovator and Motivational Speaker, Richard Fertig is the personification of The American Dream. A dynamic business leader with over 25 years of experience, Richard shares his proven strategies that continue to bring him financial success with his latest venture, Short Term Rental University. An industry leader and groundbreaking entrepreneurial expert, Richard has evolved into a highly successful motivational speaker and short term rental expert having hosted his first two live events in Nashville and Miami in 2019. He continuously raises the bar while expanding on his interests of real estate, hospitality, and diversified investments.

Richard is also an innovative real estate developer focused exclusively on the STR market creating branded experiences to delight raving fans with his signature “modern hospitality”. Likewise, Richard has recently entered the boutique hotel industry acquiring a surf and yoga inspired hotel in the blue zone region of Nosara, Costa Rica.

Also, Richard has once again developed proprietary systems to automate and grow his STR business which has led to the Q1 2020 launch of HostZaver enabling entrepreneurs to launch their own STR website with one simple click.

Richard has set the standards of excellence in the Real Estate, Finance and Transportation industries by sharing his successful business strategies that can be applied to a wide range of sectors today. As a motivational speaker, Richard engages people in a unique and charismatic fashion, captivating and inspiring any audience. His entrepreneurial spirit is focused on delighting the most influential people and companies on the planet. Creating proprietary technological solutions to innovate, develop robust, scalable systems and processes, and train and recruit the most brilliant Teams.

Prior to launching Brilliant Transportation, LifeZaver Software and his most recent venture, Short Term Rental University, Richard was an Associate at The Blackstone Group and managed a $4 billion dollar Hedge Fund at Ramius Capital LLC in New York City. Richard graduated from Cornell University in 1991 with a Double Major in Psychology and Economics, Dean’s List then went onto earn his MBA in Finance from The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania in 1998.

Richard is a world traveler with a sense of adventure and loves to ski, surf, practice yoga, spin and swim. He is the proud and loving father of three remarkable daughters, his proudest achievement.

Richard Fertig
Richard Fertig,
Serial Entreprenuer


Richard launched the first Short Term Rental Opportunities Fund using his institutional portfolio management experience crafted from a decade working with The Blackstone Group and Ramius Capital Group. Richard was Co-Head of investments of a $4.5 billion dollar Fund. Via Stomp, you can co-invest with a Richard and have “Airbnb done for you” by an STR expert and trendsetter.

Real Estate Developer

Richard has undertaken a decade long real estate development project in Outer Banks of North Carolina which is an unbelievable natural resource incredibly beautiful.

Richard is building a very specific purpose, a very specific desire which is to help kite-boarders access one of the best areas in the world. With reasonable lodging and to build a community of like-minded people that want to come and hang out and meet new people be outdoors and adventurous.

According to Richard, it’s the fastest growing sport on the water and so there’s just a lot of demand that he sees in the future but hard to access no lodging and Richard wants to create an alternative so people don’t have to rent an 8 bedroom house Saturday to Saturday for the week.

Below is Richard’s YouTube video on why he is investing heavily on OBX.

RENTAL University

Resulting from the Founder’s decades of experience owning, renovating, flipping, and renting real estate, Short Term Rental University was developed to share the culmination of his knowledge with individuals seeking primary and additional, “side gig” sources of income. Currently the owner and operator of six rental properties in the United States, Richard Fertig is an Airbnb Superhost and the Founder of “The Fifteen Year Plan” scheduled to be published in Q4 of 2017. His unique online education program is available at where users have access to online content, videos and courses Richard developed to help people go from “Zero to Superhost” in as little as 5 months. He states, “Teaching others my Fifteen Year Plan on how to build a real estate empire, with little risk (using other people’s money) and tools like Airbnb and Homeaway to achieve financial independence.”


Discerning travelers globally trust Brilliant Transportation as their preferred ground transportation provider for a focus on high end Events and Weddings.
We delight and make ground transportation remarkable.

LifeZaver Software LLC.

Our proprietary “secret weapon” suite of software tools built for Brilliant Transportation is now available to all of our industry peers.

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I love giving back to community and society in terms of knowledge and experience gained over the time of my journey.

I feel humbled and privileged speaking to people during conferences, summit, and conventions.

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